SLiB Browser PRO 2.0 is a is the most versatile Asset Manager for Autodesk Maya.

FOR MAYA 2020.2

autodesk maya Windows OSX OSX


vray support redshift support mental ray support arnold support

SLiB Browser PRO is licensed per-machine.

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SLiB Browser PRO lets you easily organize and streamline Shader, Objects, Scenes, Lights, Textures and HDRi's.


  • Import

    • intelligent Import: if a shader or object you want to import is already present in the scene SLiB Browser PRO will reUse it instead of loading it again
      this tremendously speeds up the workflow especially when working with heavy assets
    • "Import and Place at Selection" function (objects or components supported)
    • "Import and Replace" function
    • smart Texture import depending on selection - if a file node is selected it will just swap the texture

  • Export

    • building up own libraries with unparalleled ease
    • quickly generate preview images by either rendering or taking a scene snapshot
    • export with relative textures paths - great for sharing libraries
    • add meta data to your Assets

  • SNR - embedded Shading Network Renamer

    • clean and organized shading networks with a single mouseclick
    • all native maya nodes supported + most used vray, redshift, mental ray and arnold nodes
    • editable "Rename Dictionary" to meet you needs

  • File Management:

    • shader / asset rename, duplicate, copy & paste
    • automatic "Texture File Repath Function"
    • open the selected shader/asset in maya
    • open selected asset in file browser

  • Path Tools:

    • display texture paths for whole scene or just for selected object(s)
    • find missing texture image files
    • collect all texture files in one location
  • Search Function

    • either search the current category or the whole library
    • advanced search by using meta tags

  • Texture Tools

    • quickly convert relative paths to absolute paths or vice versa
    • collect (copy) all scene textures in current project folder or specify a custom folder

  • IPT  (interactive placement tool)

    • allows Assets import / placement with unparalleled ease

  • Material Picker

    • makes Assignment of Shaders a breeze

  • Kitbashing

asset manager for maya

maya shader object asset library

Latest Version is v.2.56 (updated Dec 14 2019)



  • maya 2020 compatibility


  • Scene Materials List now highlights assigned material(s) when selecting object(s)
  • You can now use a custom Geometry to render Previews of your exported Materials
    In the "SLiB\scn" folder just open up "" and place your desired Geo and name it "ShaderHolder"
  • Redshift IES Lights with profile files are now exported correctly


  • "Save Settings" now also stores Export and GUI Settings
  • Scene Materials List now has new Function added to LMB on Material Context Menu
    "Replace identical Materials" will compare the selected Material with all other Materials in your Scene and will Replace them if found any


  • maya 2019 compatibility
  • prevents maya from changing Color Space in File Node when (re)loading image file


  • fixes a bug with kitbash tile aligning introduced in 2.50


  • improved launch speed
  • panel added to quickly create/manage scene materials


  • object import PLACE / REPLACE now works on component (vert, edge, face) level
  • fixes some gui display issues on 4k monitors


  • fixes a bug with collecting scene texture paths introduced in v.2.38


  • fixes another bug with collecting scene texture paths


  • fixes a bug with collection scene texture paths
  • check for new Browser Version ("File | Check for Update")
  • place/replace import now works for keyframe animated objects


  • Browser restart from the shelf or menu leaves an empty window behind
  • fixes a bug with repathing afer REANME/DUPLICATE
  • texture export for groups in groups working again


  • fixes broken texture export introduced in previous version


  • fixes gui scaling issues on 4k displays


  • fixes broken mental ray support
  • fixes some IPT bugs introduced in previous version


  • fixes a bug object import affecting also IPT and Place/Replace functionality


  • fixes a bug with REL / ABS path menu



  • light export fixed
  • function added to quickly add light target to selected light(s)


  • now fully compatible with Arnold 5.0
  • Shading Network Renamer now uses Export Namefield and works on Object or direct Material Selection
  • added new Automtic Preview Image Generation Mode - "BOTTLE"
  • added *.dds file support
  • batch export from files/folders under rewrite and temporarily disabled


  • fixes a bug with IPT
  • fixes a bug with MatPicker


  • fixes a bug with batch shader export


  • fixes a bug with texture export


  • maya 2018 compatibility


  • hideable gui components (big preview image, export options) for more compact appearance
  • some gui elements repositioned for more logic navigation
  • export name textfield context menu now lets you quickly rename shading network of selected object
  • export name textfield context menu now has checkbox to auto rename shading network when using "Take Name from Object/Asset")
  • improved shader import procedure to avoid "name clashing" when importing same shader mutiple times


  • fixes a bug with light import
  • Batch Export for mutliple Shader selected via Hypershade added
  • Batch Export for multiple Objects added (selecting Files or scan Folder for *ma, *mb, *obj, *fbx)


  • complete gui overhaul
  • unlimited sub-category depth
  • support for multiple libraries
  • HDRI section added
  • PATH section added
  • IPT improved
  • Material Picker added
  • meta data support added
  • search by using meta tags
  • vrayToRedshift material converter added (alpha)


  • Maya 2017 support
  • you no langer have to set targets IPT


  • fixes a bug with absolute to relative texture path conversion


  • automatic shader preview image generation (win & osx only)
  • shaders / assets now updatable
  • added UNC path support
  • some minor bug-fixes


  • some minor bugs
  • SLiB Browser now keeps track of your imported assets. This means if you want to import an object that is already in the scene instead of importing it again the scene object is duplicated or instanced. It speeds up the workflow tremendously when using "place at selection”, “replace selection" or IPT! (Import menu)
  • checkbox added to enable/disable a delete confirmation dialog (File menu)
  • User now can search in the current category or in the whole library (Tools menu)
  • typing a search term and pressing return automatically starts the search. pressing return with a blank search field ends search function
  • Notes panel now has a clear function in context menu (RMB click)
  • Reset (to SLiB Browser Pro Logo) added to Preview context menu
  • IPT now supports multiple target meshes
  • target surface normal is now respected and placed object aligned accordingly
  • new IPT Paint Mode with adjustable radius
  • GUI:
  • IPT makeover
  • double clicking the big preview image opens an window with a even bigger preview. Single click on either the big preview image or the new opened preview window makes it close. On top of the preview window are 3 buttons to change the background color (white, grey, black). Comes in handy when previewing images with alpha.


  • shader/objects export error with displacement
  • fixed a bug when quotation marks are used in notes
  • buggy favorites system removed - working on a better solution


  • some broken import functions introduced with v1.1
  • multiselection now possible without the need to use the little checkbox. Just enable multiselection and select/unselect the shaders/assets by clicking on them
  • option added to "import menu" to automatically convert relative paths to absolute paths on import. (e.g. view/edit texture functions provided by maya only accepts absolute paths)
  • option added to "import menu" to reuse an existing shader in the scene instead of importing the same shader over and over again
  • GUI:
  • Texture Tools Window added that from now will hold all functions to work with textures like:
  • conversion of relative to absolute texture paths
  • conversion of absolute to relative texture paths
  • collecting and repathing of textures either to current project folder or custom folder
  • More Features added soon. I'm always open for requests...


  • crash on Import when instances in scene
  • crash when texture path led to a non-existing file
  • “Import and place at selection” and “replace selection” are losing selection after Import
  • multiselection now possible (checkbox only visible when icon caption enabled)
  • import, copy, paste, duplicate and delete supported by multiselection
  • GUI:
  • user can now choose between relative or absolute texture paths (Export menu)
  • Button added to lock current preview image
  • Button added to quickly select/unselect all
  • checkbox added to enable/disable IPT post placement window (Import Menu)
  • Refresh Button now has context function to fit number of columns to window size
  • added option to automatically "delete history" before export (Export menu)


  • library files are now seperated by type (shader, objects, lights, textures)
  • SLiB Browser Pro now supports subcategtories
  • copy & paste function added
  • support for export file types *.mb and *.obj added
  • textures are now saved in the associated shader/asset folder
  • when duplicating, renaming or copying a shader/asset SLiB Browser Pro now automatically fixes the texture paths
  • Shading Network Renamer now uses a dictionary that you can edit to meet your needs
  • quickly populate your asset library with MASS EXPORT (just specify a folder that holds your objects and SLiB Browser Pro imports them one by one,
  • makes a snapshot, names them accordingly to the object/group name and optionally freezes transformations and places the pivot at the bottom)
  • quickly change the preview image
  • (just select the shader/asset - change the preview image either by rendering a new one, making a snapshot, grabbing an image from renderview or loading an image from disk  - open RMB context menu and choose "Replace Preview Image")
  • quickly edit notes
    (just select the shader/asset - edit the notes - open RMB context menu and choose "Replace Notes")
  • SLiB Browser Pro now supports favorites
  • open the selected asset in maya
  • open the selected asset in file browser
  • search function

  • GUI:
  • major GUI improvemts to keep mouse ways even shorter
  • all shader/asset options now in one context menu
  • SLiB Browser Pro now can save layout settings
  • file type of shader/asset now displayed

  • IPT:
  • The size of the object you want to import is now viusally displayed as a bounding box during placement
  • IPT now supports two placement modes (place and orient or just place)
  • after placement you can now quickly tweak position, rotation and scale

  • MISC:
  • new import mode: place at selection (supports objects and verticies)
  • new import mode: replace selection


  • Shader / Asset filter function added
  • GUI redesign based on user feedback
  • startup routine added to check file write permission on SLiB Folder
  • Thumnail size can now entered numerically
  • broken IPT fixed (introduced with v.052)
  • several bugfixes related to maya running on linux based OS


  • fixes a maya 2015 bug when trying to import API modules


  • fixes a maya osx export bug


  • IPT - interactive placement tool added
  • minor gui improvements


  • initial release