Leuchtkraft is a Maya Plugin that provides an fast and accurate way to set up and controll Lights.

FOR MAYA 2020.2

Maya Windows OSX OSX


redshift support vray support arnold support

Leuchtkraft is licensed per-machine.

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Leuchtkraft v1.6

is a professional lighting plug-in for Autodesk Maya that provides a fast and accurate way to set up and controll your lights. No more trial and error - with a simple mouseclick you place them excactly where you want them to be. All important Light Attributes (Intensity, Distance, Size, Rotation, Contribution, ...) can easily be controlled from a single window.


  • 3 place modes: reflection, normal, rim

  • add, positon and edit lights with unparalleled ease

  • control all lights and related render attributes with an intuitive UI

  • use procedurals or HDR images to map your lights (several HDR images included)

  • use ramps to map your lights and store them for later use

  • supported Render Engines: Redshift, VRay and Arnold

  • supports Render Farms / Services (no plug-in required installation required on clients)

  • free version.x updates

Contrary to other "light paint" solutions Leuchtkraft uses real lights instead of painting the "lights" on a high dynamic range image. Check some of the advantages:

  • fully animatable and light-linkable

  • supports different Light Types (Spot, Point, etc.)

  • can be placed between Objects

  • controllable per Light Contribution (Spec, Diff, etc.), Sampling and Decay

  • fully editable in Maya no need to switch between Apps

professional lighting tool for maya

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intuitive and easy to learn GUI

product rendering and lighting

map lights with ramps

Leuchtkraft for Maya

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Leuchtkraft for Maya

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Leuchtkraft for Maya

Latest Version is v.1.65 (updated Jan 07 2019)




  • fixes a bug with MtoA 3.1.2


  • fixes gui scaling issues on 4k displays


  • fixes a bug in hit detection


  • improved ray hit detection
  • removed obsolete target object field in gui


  • maya 2018 compatibility


  • support for Dome Lights
  • light ramps now can be saved and loaded as presets
  • mouse shortcuts for translation, rotation, scale and light intensity
  • support for custom hdri textures - assign them to lights or add them to leuchtkraft's library
  • thumbnail display of assigned hdr image in lightlister
  • custom maya render presets are now listed in ipr preset menu
  • 8 new hdri light textures added
  • improved lightlinking: lightlinking button now has a context menu that lets you easily change light relationship of selected object(s)


  • Maya 2017 support


  • what's new:

  • support for vray 3.4

  • selection of target objects is now optional. by default all visible objects in the viewport are considered as targets.


  • what's new:

  • rim light creation mode

  • adaptive intensity checkbox added


  • what's new:

  • light create mode now reacts to mouse press and not only to mouse drag

  • context menu for ramp type moved from ramp icon to the ramp controll port
    (keeps mouse ways shorter when editing the ramp)
  • added controls for ramp UV rotation and repetition


  • what's new:

  • missing tooltip on reload button added

  • light delete button added

  • user sampling render settings stay untouched when starting the plug-in

  • light edit mode now reacts to mouse press and not only to mouse drag


  • what's new:

  • new alternative paint mode for direct lighting. light is placed along the normal of the hit surface instead along the reflection angle.

  • paint on as many objects as you like. combining is no longer necessary.

  • the light position/angle is now fully calculated mathemtically. so no helper nodes, locators and constraints are needed resulting in clean scene files. also objects no longer need to be "live".

  • no more locator moving. painting and editing highlights is now completely done via context dragger.

  • camera now can be moved freely without changing the light angle

  • camera zoom function added for high accuracy higlight placing

  • gui cleaned and greatly improved. the upper area now shows the lightlist and the lower area shows the (selected) light attributes. with the help of a splitter you can resize both areas to fit your needs.

  • automatic light linking function. just affect the object you painted the highlight on with a single mouse click.

  • ¬†duplicate lights (with textures/ramps)

  • support for mesh lights

  • light rays can be displayed in the viewport

  • what's changed:

  • VPR partially usable. Needs some recoding
  • Curve paint function disabled. Also needs recoding
  • scenes created with versions prior to 1.5 are not compatible with this update


  • Improved Scene and Layer Management.

  • SLiB VPR - embedded Viewport Render (only for Maya 2015 - 2016)

    (Scenes created with Versions prior to v.1.2 cannot use VPR)


  • Lights created with SLiB Leuchtkraft now can get reimportet into the GUI. It's cruicial not to click the "Finish" button otherwise all connections will be deleted.
    Use the close button! Next time you open the scene file containing the lights start the painting process like you would normaly do - then click the "Reload" button.

  • Using the "Close Button" now also automatically disables the light paint tool and switches to maya selection tool.

  • Lights now can be renamed. Just RMB (right mouse button) click the light-button and choose "Rename".

  • for better overview light layers now can be marked with different colors. RMB click the "Light Settings Area" and choose "Mark with color"

  • "Edit Ramp Button in AE" removed for GUI space reasons. Just RMB the Ramp now...

  • "Set finished / unfinished" function removed.

  • REDSHIFT: contribution sliders for diffuse and specular added

  • VRAY: "IPR Refresh Button" removed. Vray 3.10 update made it obsolete.

  • ARNOLD: "Force IPR Button" moved to header area.

  • ARNOLD: native aiAreaLight is now used instead of maya AreaLight. Via RMB clicking the "Light Bulb Icon" you can specify the Lightshape (quad, cylinder, disk, mesh)

  • Renderer now automatically gets selected based on Render Globals Settings

  • some small GUI improvements

  • minor Bugfixes


  • initial release