if you already have the SLIB plugin installed just copy the SLiB folder over your existing one and you are ready to go.

How to install the SLiB plugin


Creating Floors with SLiB | FloorGen is a straightforward process. After launching the plugin the UI will appear. The Window Layout is constructed sequentially so you can't do wrong!

Press the Setup Button. It will load the Floor Structure into your scene.

Use the Handles to scale the Floor and MainTile to the Size you want! By default the Floor is 100 cm x 100 cm. The MainTile 50 cm x 50 cm. You can position and rotate the whole floor by using the Handle shaped like the SLiB Logo.


Choose a Floor Style and press the Generate Button. Your MainTile is now distributed (Instanced) over the Floor. Feel free to play with the Position and Rotation of the Tiles to achieve your desired Look.

You can even use your own Object(s) as MainTile by using the Custom Tile Style. Just move your Custom Object(s) to the MainTiles Origin (top left corner) and RightMouseButton Click the Custom Style Button. From the Context Menu choose Set Selection as Custom Tile.


If you are happy with your Floor Design it's Time to convert the Instances to independent Objetcs. Press the Bake Array Button. Now you have full controll over each Tile's Rotation and Position. Randomize them by using the designated Sliders. It will make it look less cg-ish.


Now it's time to make the Floor one Object and cut it to the right size. Just press the Combine Button. For very big Objects with high Polycount this task can bring Maya down pretty fast. Therefor i implemented an extra Function called Combine via OBJ Export. It will export (as OBJ) and reimport the Floor. This Method is very solid even with huge Arrays. Just RightMouseButton Click the Combine Button.

Press the Cut Button to remove the overlapping Tiles and perfectly fit the Floor to the Size you setup in the Beginning.


Since we started with only one MainTile the initially existing UV's were instanced and baked as well - all sharing the same Position. This can be desired but in Reality no Object looks exactly the same. To randomly distribute your UV Shells press the Randomize UVs Button. Use the Input Fields to define the distance in U and/or V.


Press the Clean Up Button to remove all Nodes imported with the Setup leaving you with your first created Floor. Assign a Shader to it and Render.

Now you can press Setup again to create a second one!