if you already have the SLIB plugin installed just copy the SLiB folder over your existing one and you are ready to go.

How to install the SLiB plugin


Maya allows only one RenderView. So if you want to use mayas native Render View Window you have to close VPR first.

LMB Select Object in Renderview
RMB Render Region

Hold RMB to draw a Render Rregion.

A single RMB click will remove the Render Region

R IPR Refresh
ALT Hide / Show Renderview

Hold ALT to hide the Renderview. You can now navigate the camera like you would normally do in maya.
Release ALT to show Renderview.

Focal Point

Holding F while pressing RMB will set the focal point to the point you clicked in Renderview



Hold SHIFT to enable RenderZoom. You will notice a little icon popping up. While still pressing SHIFT RMB click the Renderview and draw an area you want to zoom in. You can repeat this to zoom in even further...

The little icon now turns yellow indicating RenderZoom is activated.

Click the little icon to leave this Mode.

Object Isolation

Holding CTRL will enable Object Isolation. Again a little icon will appear. While still holding CTRL click an object to isolate it.

The little icon now turns yellow indicating you are now in Object Isolation Mode. Click another object to isolate it...

Click the little icon to leave this Mode.

global debug shading on/off
overwrites scene with global shader for debugging purposes
Ambient Occlusion: identify intersecting geometry

Checker: to spot uv inaccuracies
Front/Back Shader: find flipped normals

Maya 2016.5 / 2017 Users:
In order to use Global Debug Shading you must first switch Maya to the Legacy Render Layers system. To do this, open the Preferences window, navigate to the Rendering category, then select Legacy Render Layers as the Preferred Render Setup system and restart Maya.
record IPR animations
range slider settings are taken into account

play recorded IPR animation

delete Animation

AOV option menu

after full rendering you need to load the AOVs to the option menu. This cannot be automated since the plugin is running via the cpu and redshift renders using the gpu - so they do not communicate with each other. At the moment there is no way to tell vpr when Redshift has finished a frame to force an automatic load. but i'm working on it.

Delete Selected
Delete All
resolution X int field

resolution Y int field

reset Exposure
Exposure int field

Take Snapshot

Match Camera
sets camera to the same position and angle when image was stored

Match Lights
sets all lights to the same position and angle when image was stored

Delete image

RS Architectural
RS Car Paint
RS Incandescent
creates selected rsShader and attaches it to the selection

RS Physical Light
RS IES Light
RS Portal Light
creates selected rsLight

display Alpha Channel

enable / disable color channel
pause IPR refresh

stop IPR

refresh IPR
starts / restarts IPR

make full render in order to generate AOVs

Reset Render Region

Several presets to change preview quality