Long time waiting for this type of plugin. Incredible speed up our workflow, making us more competitive, and allowing us to spend time in real important things like lighting, compositing,... . Say goodbye to iterative tasks, take advantege of every single asset you build up for every single project, and use it in further projects as fast as one single click.
Amazing to get a perfect library for materials, models, textures,... . Now we work with SLiB, it would be very difficult to get back to our past workflow!!!
FloorGen / Browser Pro
We use and love the Browser Pro Plugin. Great work Daniel!
SLiB - Browser Pro, Leuchkraft, Floor Gen, VPR
As a Maya artist the SLiB suite is indispensable to me. Browser Pro has made it possible for me alone to make and manage my own library of shaders, models and more without having to be part of a major studio or do my own coding. At the very same time, I can rely on Daniel for his awesome support and quick implementation of reasonable suggestions as he has always been easy to talk to and receptive to different ideas. The workflow tools that come along with it, like being able to customize and manage my own shader naming dictionary, are the kinds of things I've been wanting for years and so many of them are packaged as apart of Browser Pro. Leuchtkraft, coupled with Redshift, is the most game changing plugin for me in the past decade. As primarily a lighting artist I know I can rely on Leuchtkraft to get me closer to my final result far faster than I could ever hope to on my own. It lets me light the way I think about lighting a scene, like I'm orchestrating the lights with my imagination rather than with my mouse, keyboard and some clumsy transform controls. Plus since Leuchtkraft creates native Maya lights I can rest assured that my lighting setup can be transported to other computers and scenes without the SLiB plugins. It's fantastic. I've had less time to put Floor Gen and VPR through their paces but I've come to know DGDM SLiB as a name I can trust and look forward to making more use of them in the future. Especially all of the awesome VPR features that no other Maya framebuffer comes close to duplicating. All the shader packs that have been released so far have been top notch, adding to my arsenal a library of shaders that I know I can count on in a pinch.
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